What is Hala?

Hala serves as a central digital brain when it comes to business. By connecting blockchain, artificial intelligence, knowledge and business, we have created an AI platform with the decentralized knowledge base for business.

Hala automates IT and business processes for business. And saves time that business users spend on solving the problems, getting information from enterprise software and for searching needed information.

AI Platform

Digital Assistant builder
Skills builder
Hala Knowledge Studio
NLP, ML & Speech technologies

Skills store

Digitalized knowledge and expertise
Segmentation by enterprise software
Predefined skills for use
Marketplace for business

Knowledge platform

Universal knowledge share program
Users are rewarded for contributions
Every person can join
HAL tokens as payment option

Meet the "Siri" for business

Hala Digital Assistant is based on the MVP – commercially available AI platform, which is already piloted in 2 countries in Europe during the past 4 months.

Hala currently serves a business that uses SAP ERP - now we plan is to go beyond that and give Hala knowledge to work with another enterprise software:


We want to involve worldwide enterprise software communities through the Knowledge Share Platform on blockchain to train Hala with new knowledge and skills.

Why business needs Hala?

IT Service Cost reduction
Today business spends billions of euro for covering IT Service Desk expenses, up to 35% of this costs needed for covering routine requests from the users.
To stop wasting time
Business users are spending too much of their precious time on solving the problems and searching for the right information.
Improve productivity
Based on real clients data we found that business users should wait for the resolution of the requests from 2 hours to 56 hours. Their productivity is falling.
Digitalize employees knowledge
Many companies want to leave the expert knowledge of their employees in the company as an asset, even when they lay off.

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Token economy

The token is the main accelerator of Hala network and knowledge share program. The more knowledge miners and digital assets Hala has, the larger amount of clients will use Hala’s digital skills. The more clients, the bigger load for performance miners for processing AI tasks.

Knowledge Share Platform

We are attracting people to share their expertise and to teach Hala

1. Hala send tokens to knowledge miners as a reward for the training of digital skills
2. Miners perform training of Hala skills in Knowledge Share Program
3. Skills that miners trained become available at Skills Store
4. The client is using the skills from the Skills Store
5. Client make a payment for each solved problem
6. 50% of the payment is going to miners

Hala token sale

Token name:
Accepted currency:
Ethereum (ETH)
Total amount of hala tokens:
452.000.000 HALA
Number of hala tokens for sale:
212.000.000 HALA
Token type:
Utility token
Maximum amount (HARD CAP):
Minimum amount (Soft Cap):
Hala Token exchange rate:
1 HALA = $0,1

Token allocation

47% Free Sale
15% Team
28% Reserve pool for knowledge share program
10% Strategic partnership

Funds distribution

37% Research & Development
35% Marketing & Sales
28% General & Administrative Expense


74.000.000 HALA
To be announced
Token price
138.000.000 HALA
To be announced
Token price

Road map

2017: Proof of Business (pilots)
Idea was born. Development was started. MVP was released for B2B clients; Delivered first Pilot Project in Germany; Joined SAP Startup Focus Program; Got investment from SWG; Participation in accelerator program SWG; Joined SAP & Skolkovo Co-innovation program.Pilot project in Ukraine.
2018 Q2/Q3: Hala Token Sale
Period of describing the project, preparation white-paper, sales deck, web sites, building Ethereum Smart Contract for upcoming Hala Token Sale event. Marketing. Hala Token pre-sale and sale. Token distribution. Marketing.
2018 Q4: Initialization
Start developing blockchain network considering capabilities of AI platform and future knowledge program. Grow the community of contributors that will become knowledge miners. Source the best team. Marketing activity. Onboard 3rd party providers. Delivering pilot projects.
2019 Q1/Q2: AI Platform
Release of AI platform that include client portal, skills store, digital assistant builder and beta version of knowledge share platform. Involvement of knowledge miners in testing period and development. Delivering projects in Europe for clients, Grow skills data base and number of integration.
2019 Q3: Knowledge share platform
Release global knowledge share program, grow the number of contributes to at least five thousands people. Smart contracts for miners. UI for training, testing and deploying skills for miners. Rating procedure and forum. Developing of AI, ML, NLP services. Sales. Marketing
2019 Q4: Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Developing decentralized autonomous organization that is run through rules encoded as smart contracts. All financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain and available to everyone.
Integration with 3rd party. Inbuilt Hala capabilities into the new software and existing. Integration Hala into the existing products (laptop, mobile phones, computers). Launch Hala version for consumer market. Continues development of Development - AI, Machine learning, blockchain. Sales.

Meet the team

Andrii Rudchuk
CEO & Founder
Mykyta Bazhenov
CTO & Founder
Iurii Kobernyk
Senior Full-stack engineer
Dmitriy Gerasimenko
Senior DevOps engineer
Dmitry Dementyev-Dedelis
Blockchain Advisor, Co-founder at DigiPulse
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